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Starting with a great idea is something we all do as songwriters. It’s exciting. Like a bolt of lightning that could turn into anything. But after you get that Spark of Inspiration, the songwriters I work with often encounter a problem: they don’t finish the song. Our mission here at Champion Songwriting is to create accountability and structure with songwriting so every great song gets finished and released.


After we hosted a few live songwriting Boot Camps, the songwriters who attended could not believe how fun the collaborating was. Imagine jumping on Zoom, and you have a pop singer from the Ukraine and a fantastic melody writer from the Midwest, and you’re all in a creative space with the same vision. After you’ve been writing together and build more trust, collaborating has never been easier.


We’ve had songwriters from all over the world joining our songwriting camps. And one of our favorite songwriters said this: “We are in this together, and we are stronger as one.” Being in the music business alone is never a problem when you’re in a worldwide community of songwriters. Like our friend said, we’re stronger as one and the connection and support from this community changes the game as a songwriter.

Why Champion Songwriting?

When starting to write songs, it can be daunting to imagine trying to take an idea you have and turn it into a song that you can release as “radio ready”. After working with songwriters and writing over 500 songs myself, one of the biggest reasons songwriters quit is because they don’t finish songs. With no deadlines or structure to their writing, this alone can end the career of a fantastic artist.

Luckily, we’ve found that writing in groups and connecting with other songwriters can help tremendously. For instance, if a songwriter who doesn’t play an instrument is having trouble creating a melody for their song, connecting with a piano player who prefers to write the music can be a game changer. Along with collaborating, when you work with other songwriters, you can learn from each other, pick up new ways to do things, and find the support needed to build the songwriting career you may think of as just a “dream’.

To conquer songwriting means to finish and love each song you write and that is our goal here at Champion Songwriting.

About Ginger

After starting to write more than 10 years ago, I’ve written and recorded over 500 songs and have had songs placed in TV shows, along with writing a few podcast theme songs. I’ve always had very little trouble writing and finishing songs, but when I started co-writing with my friends, I realized how much trouble they were having.

After creating and hosting a few live virtual Songwriting Boot Camps with songwriters from all over the world and with all different experience levels, I realized these songwriters had the same problems as my friends.

Finishing and releasing a song can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re just getting started. So I made it my mission to help 1,000 songwriters from all across the world write and release awesome songs that they love so they can build the music careers they dream of and so they can share their message with the world.


“Thank you for creating such an excellent place to open up our creativity and songwriting Super Powers!. So, I’m ready to present the first song in my entire life! I’m really super psyched for being a part of the 4-Day Boot Camp :)” -LB

“This has been so cool. It picked up when we spoke about the music industry and tuning vocals… We were much more at ease and more natural with each other then. I think writing alone does actually make it difficult. It was really cool. It definitely sparked a lot of creativity.” -H

“Great idea. The bootcamp is really cool. Thank you a lot for the organization and all the good energy! Looking forward to tomorrow.” -M

“Love it! I’m so honored to work with y’all.” -D

“Great fun workshop! Ginger has worked really hard to put the workshop together in a very professional manner, awesome.” – R

How Does It Work

Getting inspiration for a song is easy and fun. But what about the most important part: finishing?

The first step is to be creative but our focus is specifically on helping you

conquer songwriting so you can finish and release great songs.

Just Follow These Steps:

Step 1:

Fill out the form for a free call.

Step 2:

Pick your path as a songwriter.

Step 3:

Execute plan to reach dreams.

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