Indie Southern/Blues/Rock Trio.
Charleston, South Carolina

Join our Secret Society where fans come together to support indie artists so we can play for you..

When you join the Secret Society:

Secret Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group specifically for those who join the Secret Society, so we can join together with you and share our gratitude with music and content shared only to you..

Band T-Shirt for FREE

Get a free t-shirt in our Secret Society, because who doesn’t love a band t-shirt.. Show your support for indie artists with a band-designed t-shirt, made by us, specifically for you..

Big Secret Society Sticker

This big sticker is specifically for members of the Secret Society so you can show that you support your local indie musicians.

It’s 2020 and being a musician isn’t as easy as it used to be before streaming. Touring & Merch is really the only way to make a living doing what we love. But your support makes living our dream a reality…

Thank you, from The Gingers 🙂

PS- When you join the Secret Society, you get a spot in our private Facebook group.

This group is specifically for those who support indie musicians. 🙂

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