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Do you need a song for your wife about how you met? Do you need a song for your business? Do you have a great idea but need help turning it into a great song?

I’m always ready to turn your ideas and stories into professional finished songs, whether it be for your business jingle, the intro to your new podcast, or a song for your special someone.

Contact me at ginger@gingerwinn.com for more details and pricing.


I’m an experienced enthusiastic singer/songwriter, musician, content creator and music producer. I love helping artists and entrepreneurs progress using their vision and my creativity combined.

I’ve founded and hosted live virtual songwriting camps with songwriters from all over the world and this is a passion of mine. Anything I can do to help you, I will do, while sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered during my years in the music business and being an entrepreneur myself.

I’m excited to help you, Ginger W.


  • songwriting
  • production
  • mixing & mastering
  • audio editing
  • vocals
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