Hi there!!

You’re one click away from this brand new worldwide community of songwriters…


It seems that one of the biggest problems with

songwriting and collaborating is that there’s no accountability or

no reason to actually finish projects, and

there’s no structure, especially with collaborating.

And when songwriters aren’t taking it seriously,

projects don’t get finished.

To keep this from happening to you, there is a small fee for every

songwriter who joins this community….

I know paying seems weird for writing and working together..

…..but when a guy who isn’t taking his songwriting seriously sees

this fee, he probably won’t join.

This small fee builds a community of songwriters who

actually want to work together,

and who are actually

serious about their songwriting.

plus, we don’t want to take your money if you’re not happy with your songwriting and collaborating.

enjoy a free month to make some friends, see how it all works and get hooked up with songwriters from all over the world.

once your month has passed, it is only $9.99 a month (to cover the fee to connect everyone) and you can cancel at anytime.

Join now to get instant access to songwriters from all over the world,

all together in one place… paypal.Buttons({ style: { shape: ‘pill’, color: ‘black’, layout: ‘vertical’, label: ‘subscribe’ }, createSubscription: function(data, actions) { return actions.subscription.create({ ‘plan_id’: ‘P-14633430M8756494DL7CVULI’ }); }, onApprove: function(data, actions) { alert(data.subscriptionID); } }).render(‘#paypal-button-container’);

PS- you also get to be in a private Facebook group specifically for songwriters who want to connect and support each other,

along with getting hooked up with weekly live songwriting & collab sessions 🙂

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