My Disastrous Journey Leaving America

There’s so many things that are different about Cape Town.. .Like this gecko for example. In South Carolina, we have lizards. In South Africa, we have geckos.. .In SC, there’s the “hood” of your car. In SA, it’s a bonnet.. .I feel so naive coming from America and only experiencing an American life for 22Continue reading “My Disastrous Journey Leaving America”

I’m 7,858 Miles From Home

I’m 7,858 miles from Charleston, South Carolina, my hometown.. .It’s January, here in Cape Town and also back at home.. Guess what? The wind is hot and dry here. In January. .Summertime is among us in Cape Town, and unlike my pops back at home, I’m sweating and fighting mosquitos right now.. .Today is myContinue reading “I’m 7,858 Miles From Home”

My Passport is HERE!!

After waiting for my passport since September 8th, I am finally holding it in my hand the night of Halloween… Deary May, The last few weeks have been so full of indecision and wondering… I’ve been staying at Gin Bay (my mom’s farm) for about 10 days and I’ve been there alone, without her there.Continue reading “My Passport is HERE!!”

Planning My Trip (to South Africa)

There are people who are so excited for me to explore the world, and then there are people who are planing for me to disappear and not make it back to the states alive.. Today is my first blog post, so I’m not going to overthink it. I’m just going to simply write what’s goingContinue reading “Planning My Trip (to South Africa)”