After starting to write more than 10 years ago, I’ve written and recorded over 500 songs and have had songs placed in TV shows, along with writing a few podcast theme songs.

When I was 17, I stopped shaving my body hair and posted a photo on Instagram on May 26, 2019. After getting 200 likes, I thought I went viral and made it my mission to inspire other women to accept their natural beauty and their natural self.

Ever since I started sharing my hair, I’ve gained 20K+ instagram followers and received almost 300K YouTube views (thank you Steve), simply by being myself and sharing who I am.

The love and kindness from the community of hairy fairies and hairy fellows has melted my heart. I didn’t know that so many other woman didn’t shave. And I had no idea that men loved natural hair. So thank you to everyone who has supported my journey of growth. I support you as well.

I hope one day to inspire more women to grow their hair and let their natural beauty, their natural personalities and their natural passions shine.

Thank you thank you thank you 🧡🐙🦁

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