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What You’ll Get + BONUSES:

– 6x LIVE Weekly Training Modules: 6x 60 minutes LIVE training
sessions with PDF downloads 
-Value: $200-

– 6x LIVE BONUS Collab Sessions: Weekly LIVE Small Group
Collab Session, genre-specified, repeating groups
-Value: $150-

-BONUS Music BUSINESS Session: How the heck do all of these
songwriter collaborate together legally?
-VALUE: $50-

– BONUS “Launch Your Career” Session: Get an EXTRA Week of
LIVE Training and Your Next Steps Plan 
-VALUE: $50

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If you have questions….


I don’t know how collaborating works legally with my songs – can I still attend this boot camp and how does this work?


Because the 6-Week Songwriting Boot Camp includes a whole week specifically for Music Business questions: Which shows you how royalties work and how much royalties you can ask for. 

Also, during the Music Business week, you’re going to see EVEN more if maybe you’re thinking about hiring your own lawyer or how much to charge for your services, even if you’re just getting started. 

PLUS… if you are worried about collaborating legally, the Collab Sessions are completely optional so you can STILL join us on our Tuesday Songwriting Technique sessions. So we’ve got you covered!

How much does it cost?

Normally, all the inclusions in this 6-Week Songwriting Boot Camp would be $459.

But you’re not going to pay that when you jump on this special Limited Time Offer of just one payment of $20.

If you try joining this songwriting Boot Camp directly from my website when we do this again, you’re going to see the price of $459. 

The special First-Time Boot Camp price ONLY applies to the NEW sign-ups during our first-time doing this through THIS page that you’re viewing now. 

No coupons are required. You just follow the button below and get instant access to the special pricing. 

Is there a Guarantee?

During our LIVE 4-Day Boot Camp, those who attended were offered a 30-Day Money Back guarantee. But this First-Time 6-Week Boot Camp is SUCH a steal of a deal, there are no refunds with this camp. 

(If you don’t know me well enough to know the commitment to quality content and a great experience that I have in everything that I do and the songwriters I work with, then this boot camp is probably not for you).

But there’s a catch…

This offer is going to expire VERY soon….

The DEADLINE to join is December 1st, 2020


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What are *others* saying about these Boot Camps?

I gathered a bunch of comments from songwriters who have attended some of my previous boot camps…
And I put a few of them together here so that you can see their stories first hand.

Thank you for creating such an excellent place to open up our creativity and songwriting Super Powers!. So, I’m ready to present the first song in my entire life! I’m really super psyched for being a part of the 4-Day Boot Camp 🙂 – Liubomyr

Great idea. The bootcamp is really cool. Thank you a lot for the organization and all the good energy! Looking forward to tomorrow. -Manuel

Love it! I’m so honored to work with y’all. -Dina

We wrote this in our 30 min session tonight. We finished the first verse and the pre chorus. Pretty happy about this collab. – Aurelié

This has been so cool. It picked up when we spoke about the music industry and tuning vocals… We were much more at ease and more natural with each other then. I think writing alone does actually make it difficult. It was really cool. It definitely sparked a lot of creativity. – Heinrich

Great fun workshop! Ginger has worked really hard to put the workshop together in a very professional manner, awesome. – Rick


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